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Master Dale's Lifestyle Community

The site is being reworked. Depricated codes require some house cleaning.

For the moment, only the Lifestyle Community Bulletin Board is functioning. Unfotunately, this is outdated, too. I am not willing to purchase the necessary upgrades, so if I can not do them myself, the BB will expire before too long, also.


Master Dale's Lifestyle Community Bulletin Board

The Board is one of the best resources on the web for information and advice about the BDSM and D/s Lifestyle. Hundreds of Members have shared their explorations in a stunningly honest and candid way. The Board is chock full of advice on coming to terms with your own desires, as well as learning how to safely pursue those desires in loving, consentual relationships.

Registration on the Bulletin Board is suspended. Spam bots and malicious scripts made this necessary. The Board is "Read Only", and only in the Forums that allow visitors to access.